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Switching to E-Cigarettes

18th July 2019

Switching to e-cigarettes has helped many smokers successfully quit. There is now evidence with clinical trials to back this up.  E-cigarettes are an effective way to help smokers quit the habit.

Recent trial

The trial was published by the New England Journal of Medicine,  who used around 900 smokers wishing to quit smoking.  This group was split into two. One half was given nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and the other half given an e-cigarette.  Both groups had regular support for 4 weeks of the trial.
Interestingly, the group using e-cigarettes experienced fewer feelings of irratibility.

After 1 year, nearly twice as many people in the e-cigarette group had not gone back to smoking compared to those from the NRT group.

For those smokers in the study who weren't able to quit, there were several in each group who had reduced their smoking by at least 50%.  However, there were more in the e-cigarette group at 13%, compared to those in the NRT group at only 7%.

Although vaping is not without any risks at all, it has been estimated that it is less than 5% of the risks of smoking.

There has been some discussion that smokers who quit using NRT are more likely to go back to smoking at a later date, compared to those that quit using e-cigarettes.

Nicotine is still being inhaled by those using e-cigarettes.  However, it is the carcinogenic chemicals released from burning tobacco that is the major health risk.

So it's great news for e-cigarette users that doctors have good evidence that vaping can help them stop smoking.

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