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6 Easy Steps to Refill an Electronic Cigarette

19th December 2012

Electronic cigarettes are the latest buzz in the marketplace and undoubtedly a craze among smokers!

Containing liquid nicotine, this electronic device provides the sensation similar to smoking. They can be refilled with different flavours of liquid and save you from spending your money on a brand new one. Here are six easy to follow steps to refill your e-cigarette

1.Easy one to start with! Remove the cartridge from the atomiser of the e-cigarette and using a utility knife remove the cap of the cartridge. Now, with a set of tweezers, carefully remove the old filter and discard it.

2.The cartridge is clean and ready to be filled with new liquid. At this point you need a certain kind of tubing, usually seen in hamster water dispensers and fish tanks filters that would act as a holder for the liquid.

3.Modify the tubing with scissors and utility knife to bring it to the right size and thickness for fitting within the cartridge. Make sure it is very thin and comfortably fits along the sides of the cartridge allowing for the maximum amount of liquid to be added.

4.Once you are done with the modifications, insert this tubing slowly into the cartridge with the help of a pair of tweezers. Here you have to ensure that the filter touches the bottom and the changes are applied to the top so that it fits evenly with the cartridge's top.

5.When the filter is in place, put a certain quality of liquid into the cartridge. The liquid comes in different flavours and you can choose the best e liquid flavour as per your preferences.

6.As soon as you fill the liquid into the cartridge, replace the cap and screw the cartridge back on the atomiser. You have then finished refilling your e-cigarette.