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Celebrities openly vaping e-cigarettes

28th April 2016

There has certainly been an increase in celebrities now smoking e-cigarettes.  They have been seen vaping openly and at high society events to.

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Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted vaping at the Oscars when he was nominated for Best Actor award & he won. He has been seen many times before vaping both in public and at important celebrity events.

Tom Hardy uploaded a picture of himself vaping, just before the Oscars.

Charlie Sheen found he wasn't able to smoke easily or when he wanted whilst working and on tour so he is also now smoking e-cigarettes. Katy Perry and Robbie Williams have also been spotted out in public vaping.

Even the older generation of celebrities have decided to kick the smoking habit and take up e-cigarettes with the likes of Jack Nicholson being spotted vaping to.

SImon Cowell who makes no secret of his heavy smoking habit, according to reports, has also changed to vaping instead.

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