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Changes to Vaping

23rd January 2020

It seems we are seeing more and more positive changes to vaping when it comes to e cigarettes.

The US have recently announced a ban on all flavoured ecigs. They have specifically banned fruit flavours, whilst Menthol and Tobacco flavours are still allowed to be continued. For the full BBC story click here

There are many countries that still have a total vaping ban including South Korea, India, Thailand, Brazil and some Middle Eastern countries. Other countries have restrictions on vaping. It is essential you double check the laws on vaping before travelling.

There have been many changes to vaping over the last few years, probably the most important one was the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). This directive was set out by the EU and sets specific regulatory acts and rules on the sales of tobacco and ecigarette products. Also ensuring that the ingredients, manufacturing and packaging were within the rules of the TPD.

For the full legal document click here.

Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your ecigarette purchases are TPD compliant. At ecigaretteweb all our products are 100% TPD Compliant and we only sell Menthol & Tobacco flavours.

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