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Components of an Electronic Cigarette

11th February 2013

Electronic Cigarettes have now become the leading choice of every other person in the United Kingdom. Basically, an e-cigarette uses liquid and vaporiser to provide a dosage of nicotine. Here are the main components of smokeless cigarettes.

An inhaler is what a smoker puts in their mouth while smoking an electronic cigarette.

Liquid Container and Atomiser
These are present within the smokeless cigarette. The liquid container is filled with the substance that is to be inhaled and vaporised. Note that, it does not contain nicotine. This container gets connected to the atomser that draws in the liquid and creates a vapour. To work perfectly, the vaporiser requires a power source. It has a screw end, which is connected to the battery portion of the electronic cigarette.

Battery and Logic Board
The battery compartment of e-cigarette has a tiny logic board and lithium-ion battery. This logic board carries out all the functions including managing & recharging power source and maintaining the functionality of the atomiser in the smokeless cig.

Indicator Light and Power Source Connection
Every time a smoker draws on the e-cigarette, the indicator light gets active. The moment a smoker stops inhaling, this light switches off automatically. The indicator light has a round hole at the centre designed for power sources such as an AC wall outlet adaptor or a USB cord.

Note that, people above 18 years of age are allowed to place an order to e-cig supplier online.