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Don’t ‘Stub Out’ The Electronic Cigarette

29th July 2013

In the UK, smoking related illnesses lead to the death of around 114,000 people a year and costs the NHS an estimated £2.7bn.

There is a ban on smoking cigarettes in public places and nicotine-replacement therapy products like patches and gums have not been helpful for many in reducing their use of cigarettes. The Electronic Cigarette or Smokeless Cigarette has arrived as a viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

These have been used by as many as a million people over the past two years in the UK. Users have experienced the new way of smoking called 'vaping' without tar, ash, smoke and other harmful substances through these battery operated cigarettes. But as their usage has grown, many critics have argued that their claims have been overstated. But other healthcare professionals have strongly argued that electronic cigarettes are not harmful. For example studies in Sweden have shown that nicotine is not the deadly element of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, according to them are as safe as drinking coffee in regards to the nicotine element.

If we look at the recent market statistics then the use of smokeless cigarettes is likely to increase continuously. They offer savings of up to 80% when compared to traditional cigarettes. Looking at electronic cigarette and their growing popularity in the UK, Anti-smoking Health Charity, ASH agrees that the benefits of smokeless cigarettes outweigh any, albeit unproven, risks involved with their use. Many health campaigners have estimated that within 5 to 10 years the UK will see an end to the use of tobacco. This will only happen if smokeless cigarettes are enabled to flourish in the market and are not stubbed out by draconian regulation – which only the global organisations will be easily able to adhere to (i.e. pharmaceutical / tobacco companies).  It is clear that electronic cigarettes should be here to stay and deserve their place as the best alternative to tobacco cigarettes.  Try a smokeless cig today!