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E-Cigarettes and TV Advertising

20th November 2014

TV adverts for e-cigs could not previously show the actual device, but that's now changing. The rules have changed to allow the depiction of an e-cig user exhaling what looks like smoke, the first time this has happened in nearly 50 years. This is of course a controversial thing. The TV rules state that the e-cig adverts must not appear to show 'smoking' in a positive light, so that means even in a way that could be mistaken for smoking, even though e-cig use is not smoking.

See more on the BBC website.

In my view, such adverts will generate unwanted attention from people who don't understand the nature of vaping, whilst could in theory encourage young, non-smokers to take up vaping. However the advertising standards state that the adverts must occur post water-shed, and not appeal particularly to younger people.