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E-cigs Subject of Cover Story on the Metro

15th May 2013

E-cigs Subject of Cover Story on the Metro

The e-cigarette is in the media spotlight now. After getting space on the BBC website and Daily Mail. The product has been the subject of the cover story. The Smoking Gun on the Metro newspaper.

The article on E-cigs shows the increasing popularity of the smart smoking device.

The article suggested that nine in ten users of smokeless cigarettes benefitted from the switch to the product from conventional cigarettes.

Written by Fred Attewill:

  • the article mentions that 86% of the users surveyed have not smoked a regular cigarette since trying an e-cig.

Electronic cigarettes provide a smokeless alternative to tobacco smoking.  Research suggests may have begun around 5000-3000BC! These smokeless cigarettes are not covered by tobacco smoking regulation. So can be used in many places regular cigarettes have been prohibited. However, it is always best to check first. As the article wisely points out many users have opted to avoid vaping in such places. They are so realistic many cannot tell the difference between these and regular cigarettes.

The number of people using e-cigs in the country is currently estimated to be around 700,000. This may go past one million before the end of the year. Experts are also suggesting that the time when electronic cigarettes will outsell the conventional cigarette is not far.

Across the Atlantic, quality ecigs are becoming even more prevalent as well. Usage of e-cigarettes is consistently increasing in the US. The future of ecigs seems bright!