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Eliquid – What’s in it?

14th April 2014

Electronic cigarettes contain a liquid called eliquid which is quite often flavoured. The eliquid consists of 4 main ingredients.

Nicotine - A highly addictive stimulant It's also found in tobacco cigarettes, however ecigarettes provide the nicotine but without the harmful chemicals found in tar. So nicotine itself is non-carcinogenic.

Propylene Glycol - A clear but sweet and odourless liquid found in many everyday products such as mouthwashes and used in the food industry.

Vegetable Glycerol - a carbohydrate derived from plant oils. Found in many everyday products such as sugar substitutes and toothpaste.

Food Grade Flavouring - Used to safely flavour many food products.

One tip to remember when choosing your flavour is personal taste. What you have eaten and drunk just before trying a new flavour can change how you perceive the taste. When trying out a new flavour for the first time, try not to eat or drink anything for a little while beforehand and this will help you decide if the flavour is the right one for you.