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Harm Reduction Theory

29th September 2016

Harm Reduction Theory...

The idea of the Harm Reduction Theory is to find ways of reducing the damage of a certain type of action. For example wearing seat belts in cars.  When it comes to smoking, to reduce harm reduction is mainly designed at replacing nicotine.

Smoking statistics show as killing more than 270 people in the UK each day. Now whilst nicotine we all know is addictive. There is no indication it causes cancer. Therefore, the life expectancy of a smoker could be prolonged by smokers changing to a smoke free nicotine product.

Some evidence shows that Nicotine Replacement Therapy does not have the same attraction as e-cigarettes.

This is likely to be the case because e-cigarettes deliver nicotine in a quicker way than for example patches do. E-cigarettes are used in a similar way to how someone would smoke a cigarette.  The most recent indications show that e-cigarettes are more popular than Nicotine Replacement Therapy, such as gum, patches etc.

An author of the Royal College of Physicians report and Cancer Research UK's expert based at the University of Stirling both agree that people should not worry about e-cigarettes. Infact e-cigarettes offer a practical solution away from tobacco as well as it being unlikely to have any harmful impact on the people around the e-cigarette smokers.

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