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Hollywood Celebrities are Using ‘it’, Are You?

22nd October 2013

Electronic Cigarettes or Ecigs have revolutionised the way people smoke these days. Stars endorsing  ecigs has been credited as one of the factors behind new figures showing an increase in sales from £9million in 2012 to £90million in 2013 in the UK. Many celebrities have been spotted lately with the fashionable device. Pop star mum of two, Britney Spears was pictured smoking her smoke-free ecig on her vacation. A-Lister Leonardo Di Caprio was captured in a photo showing him riding a bike with an ecig. Even ‘wild child’ Lindsay Lohan was caught puffing up her ecig as an alternative way to smoke. Other stars like Johnny Depp. Katherine Heigl, Carrie Fisher, Robert Pattinson, Katherine Zeta Jones, Simon Cowell, Kate Moss and Jenny McCarthy have been endorsing ecigs.

According to consumer analyst Nielson, around 1.3million Britons use battery-powered ecigs, and their sales are predicted to rise to £193million by the end of the year, hitting £339million annually by 2015.