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UK Electronic Cigarette Company

23rd August 2007
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E Cigarette Web – Smokeless Smoking

Here at E Cigarette Web we bring the smartest tobacco alternative for you. This electronic alternative to tobacco cigarettes gives you a satisfying method to smoke or ‘vape’ like a traditional cigarette and avoid the problems associated with tobacco smoking. We provide you with a stylish and affordable range of tobacco free Electronic Cigarettes, which offer you nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide or clawing odour of cigarettes, and are up to 80% cheaper.

How E Cigarettes Work?


We provide a cost effective range of electronic cigarettes (or E Cigarettes) which produce no ‘smoke’,  contain no tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, and are safe and legal to smoke virtually everywhere, including places tobacco cigarettes have been banned.

Our e cigarettes are battery powered devices that produce a vapour, which is inhaled by the user  – without ash,  flame,  smoke or lingering smell. They come with our great tasting cartomisers. The battery in the E cigarette powers this cartomiser, the current produced then heats the e-liquid, which produces the vapour inhaled and exhaled by the user, providing a realistic smoking experience.

They Come in Various Flavours


The electric cigarette won’t bore you with regular consumption, E Cigarettes bring you multiple delicate flavours to add diversity to your smoking experience. There are a variety of flavours and strengths to choose from including the realistic tastes of different Tobacco to the delightful Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Cola, Coffee and Vanilla, among  others. Go ahead and find your flavour!

Why Electronic Cigarettes?


- Cost Effective - Save up to 80% compared to tobacco cigarettes

- No Tobacco, Tar or Carbon Monoxide

- Variation - Choose from a multitude of flavour & strength combinations

- No Tobacco Odour – Rid yourself of the smell of ash and smoke

- Choice - Free to ‘smoke’ where you want