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New Dawn For Vapers Begins

30th March 2015

Although our customers have never expressed any interest in this product, we are still interested in what it will do for the image and health impacts of electronic vaping devices. Up until now, vaping has been about nicotine - not increasing nicotine but more often for substituting an existing nicotine source that is undoubtedly deadly through other toxins, and often also for lowering or eliminating that nicotine level.

Now, something else is about to hit and it can radically shake the industry. This is not nicotine, but another molecule called cannabidiol, or CBD for short. This molecule can effectively turn all the arguments that have been imaginatively advanced against e-cigarettes upside down, because CBD appears to have such incredible promise for a multitude of health and psychological problems that it will be impossible to ignore, and unquestionably this will create a lot of media coverage.

First, the primary arguments against CBD have been much like those that applied to nicotine. Smokers ingested other compounds that collectively produced a highly toxic effect. CBD is the same in that it has been ingested in modest quantities in cannabis, along with the very problematic molecule called THC which has significant psychological effects. The CBD scientists discovered, along with several other compounds in cannabis, were counteracting the negative effects of THC and then later, the research into this class of compounds has exploded. Scientists believe that CBD in particular, can combat cancer, brain degeneration, auto-immune diseases and social anxiety, without causing sedation. Since a lack of a tranquiliser that doesn't cause sedation has been a long standing medical problem, and anxiety is related to other kinds of substance abuse, CBD may hold a lot of promise, for example in drinkers who get into the habit of drinking socially to reduce anxiety. And now, CBD rich extracts, with virtually zero THC levels are finally shipping and being sold in vape shops.

The obvious next thing will be a media storm about passive vaping 'cannabis' but that is just the next bridge to cross for the industry and user-base. In actuality, the availability of e-cigarettes and new e-liquids containing only CBD and not THC could lower dangerous cannabis use and eliminate it's harmful aspects and reduce the drugs trade which fuels organised crime. And this will bring in tax revenues too. So what's to fear?