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New Study On Effectiveness of E-Cigs as Quit Aids

4th December 2014

New research at KU Leuven strongly supports the use of e-cigs as very effective smoking cessation aids.

In the lab, the e-cigs proved to be just as effective in suppressing the craving for a smoke as tobacco cigarettes were, while the amount of exhaled carbon monoxide remained at baseline levels. In the long-term analysis, results showed that the smokers were more likely to trade in their tobacco cigarettes for e-cigs and taper off their tobacco use.

At the end of the 8-month study, 21% of all participants had stopped smoking tobacco entirely (verified via a CO test), whereas an additional 23% reported cutting the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked per day by half.


As a result of this small study, e-cigs appear much more effective than will power or other methods to quit smoking. Over these time frames 21% gave up smoking even though they did not start the study wanting to quit, whilst the usual quit rate using just willpower is 3 to 5% over this time - in people who actually want to. These results across the three study groups are significant enough to strongly suggest an effect even though the participant numbers are low, and follows similar findings published this year.