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New TPD Vaping Laws from May 2017

13th April 2017

Reminder of the new TPD Vaping Laws

We are sure you recall our previous blogs reminding you of the new TPD rules and regulations.  With effect from 20th May 2017 we will no longer be able to sell any of our Super High stock for both Cartomisers and E-Liquids, if we have any left as stock is running out fast.

How it will affect you?

On 20 May 2017 the Tobacco Products Directive will come into force which means:-

Maximum containers for e-liquid can not exceed 10ml.
You will no longer be able to purchase the higher bottles of 30ml, only 10ml bottles.

Maximum nicotine strength
This will certainly make it more difficult for new users as the higher strength of 24mg was very popular as a starter to giving up smoking. It will also hit the heavier smokers who also use this strength to help them stop smoking.

Vaping in 2017

There will be a massive change for electronic cigarettes this year. A huge reduction in products that you will be able to purchase and an increase of costs across the board.

We are still allowed to sell 30ml e-liquids and our Super High Strength Cartomisers until 19th May. After this date we will be selling 10ml e-liquids and our High, Medium, Low & Zero strength We recommend stocking up on your regular products well before the 20th May as there may be a rush due to customers stockpiling in preparation for the ban.

Please do share this article with your e cigarette user friends so that they are aware of the changes to UK Vaping to. 

The following will only be available to purchase from now until and including 19th May 2017

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