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New US E-cigarettes Study

24th December 2015

Tiger Coco E Cigarette BatteryThe United States Centre for Disease Control has recently published a report to say their initial investigations on
e-cigarettes may not be correct.

Their study involved who in the US uses e-cigarettes, they found that 12.6% had tried them, but only 3.4% of non-smokers have tried and a small 0.4% of people who have never smoked have used them. This is a different finding to their earlier statements that they may encourage people to start smoking.

Their most significant research was a study on all those who have or do currently use e-cigarettes.

It showed 47.6% of existing smokers had tried e-cigarettes and 55.4% of smokers who had now stopped had used e-cigarettes. Therefore showing e-cigarettes do help smokers to give up.

There have been other studies that support the above findings, including one from England's Public Health which showed that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco.

This adds to a growing volume of data that suggests that e-cigarettes are valuable in helping people to give up smoking or at the very least cutting down on the amount that they do smoke.

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