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NHS views changing for the positive

28th January 2016

 NHS & E-cigarettes11

It seems that the NHS are changing their views on e-cigarettes and vaping for the positive. The ongoing debate about e-cigarettes between the World Health Organisation, the EU, Governments and the NHS has been going on for some time.

However, the NHS has let it be known that e-cigarettes are estimated to be 95% less harmful to users and and 40% cheaper than normal cigarettes.  It seems now conceivable that e-cigarettes may be given on prescription in the future.

The shift of the NHS opinion on vaping and e-cigarettes is certainly a victory for us users as it helps with improving awareness and people's opinion of e-cigarettes to be more positive.

In addition to the above, Cancer Research UK has also recently spoken positively about vaping and e-cigarettes.

Despite multiple debates and discussions since the e-cigarette has been around the actual safety regulations have not really altered. Although they may change in due course if they become available on the NHS, as there will then be medical regulations to adhere to.

However, the outlook for E-cigarettes is an optimistic one with seemingly more backing coming from the bigger institutions.

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