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Rescue your cash – STOP SMOKING

24th March 2022

Life without smoking is full of health and financial benefits.

Most people are aware of health risks involved.

There are many reasons why you should quit this bad habit for good. The NHS website has lots of advice and information, and even includes free Quit Kits, interesting smartphone apps etc. All this just to help you kick the habit.

Also you can find a calculator which just in a few seconds shows you how much your habit costs you.
A non-smoker may think these numbers are shocking. Are there also surprising you?

For example if you are a person with an average of 10-a-day habit you are spending around £2,482 on cigarettes over the course of a year. Over 5 years you could save as much as £12,410.

Money saved could also be boosted after 12 months by a drop in your life insurance premiums.

If you are finding it difficult to break your nicotine habit, try to wean yourself away using e-cigarettes.

The trick to quitting smoking with e-cigarettes is to do things slowly and plan changes in advance.

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Good Luck!