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Royal College of Physicians and GPs back electronic cigarettes as a safer alternative

21st January 2014

Some GPs and the Royal College of Physicians have come forth and said that electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking.

As reported by the Daily Mail (link below), studies carried out suggest that they are the most effective aid for helping smokers to quit.

ASH - Action on Smoking and Health, a public health charity set up by the RCP crucially believe there is little evidence of any harmful effects from repeated exposure to propylene glycol. Professor John Britton - and ASH board member went on to say 'There are ten million smokers alive today who will eventually be killed by smoking. If they had used e-cigarettes, those deaths could be avoided. It's a massive potential public health prize. Successive governments have failed to tackle tobacco smoking, watching as millions die in an entirely preventable epidemic.

It is vital to do all we can to help people to quit smoking tobacco, and prevent young people from starting to smoke. Given the right controls, e-cigarettes could make a huge contribution to that.'

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