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Starter Kits

16th March 2023

Here at Ecigaretteweb, we offer exciting options of starter kits which rate high in quality, durability and flavour.

Both our Micro Starter Kits and Super Starter Kits offer a range of options to suit all tastes.

Our Micro Electronic Cigarette Kit, 

Included is 1 rechargeable black battery, 2 cartomisers (1 x high and 1 x medium) and a USB charger.   Additional cartomisers can be found here. 
Our cartomisers are a cartridge and atomiser in one, which makes them practical and cost effective.  Each cartomiser lasts around 300 puffs, and when finished you just replace with a fresh one and avoid having to refill or use another cartridge.

Our special price of £8.99 (full price £14.99)

Our Super Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. 

Included are 2 rechargeable black batteries, 5 menthol/ mint or tobacco cartomisers, 1 USB charger and 1 UK Mains adaptor.
You have a choice of strength for our cartomisers as follows:  1.1% Low nicotine, 1.4% Medium nicotine, 1.8% High nicotine.

Our special price of £17.99 (full price £29.99)

This 10cm e cigarette is a perfect match for the real thing.  Order now while stocks last!