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Stoptober Time!

30th September 2014

It's upon us. If you are thinking about stopping smoking, and excessive drinking, October has been semi-officially deemed the time to do it! And although giving up everything entirely might be a bridge too far, and a bit scary to boot for many of us, I am sure we are in the majority for wanting to get at least a bit into the spirit here.

I got my Stoptober in several months ago when giving up cigarettes entirely, so this means I've now got to cut down on beer. I tend to be wary of complete puritanism and so I'm happy to have 'quit' by carrying on vaping, although I'm switching to lower nicotine liquids for Stoptober, and I'll commit a bit to lowering the beers too.

How far are you willing to go this October?

Here's a run down of what it's all about.