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Stylish & Affordable Smoking Makes Ecigarettes More Popular Than Ever

28th September 2012

It is time you got on to the smarter smoking wagon- e cigs. Millions in the UK and around the world are already ‘vaping’ as we speak.

So what makes e cigs such a raving trend? Is it the plethora of flavoured e-juices to choose from and get a new smoking experience everytime? Or the fact that e cigs are free of the thousands of toxic chemicals found in a tobacco cigarette smoke?

Some vapers have shared their reasons of loving the e cig. They swear by their e cigs simply because of the freedom that comes with their e cig kit: the freedom to smoke anywhere-anytime! The smoking ban in the UK has forced many smokers to go out of a restaurant, bar, shopping centre or their offices and homes to grab a smoke. But this is not the case with e cigarette smokers. This is because- e cigs are smokeless cigarettes which can be inhaled anywhere as they release only vapour. People looking for alternatives to tobacco cigarettes have found the perfect solution with ecigs because they are very close to the real thing.

Vaping is more popular than ever. They are stylish and affordable. Many vapers who switched to electronic cigarettes from regular tobacco cigarettes have let us know that after they made the switch, they soon realised how much they were spending on tobacco cigarettes, especially as tobacco prices are rising continuously.

So, what are you still waiting for? No toxic smoke, freedom to smoke anywhere and a lot of savings- switch to e cigs now!