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Are you thinking of trying for a baby?

11th August 2014

Fathers who continue smoking should be aware of the health risks that they are exposing their families to. This is because tobacco cigarette smoke has more than 4000 harmful ingredients. Inhaling these 4000 dangerous chemicals and more than three dozen carcinogens can be toxic for pregnant women and in turn their babies.

If you have found out your partner is pregnant or if you are thinking about having a baby then you may consider some lifestyle changes. The expectant Mum has to make several lifestyle change to ensure the proper and healthy development of her baby. Giving up smoking is one of the things that the expectant Mum has to do and it is also expected from the Dad.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking and many Fathers are switching. They provide a similar physical and tangible satisfaction to that of traditional smoking but do not produce any harmful smoke like regular cigarettes.

Even after the baby is born it will be really harmful for them to be exposed to cigarette smoke. You will have to go out for a smoke every time! The smell can linger and instead of that new born baby smell, your baby would smell of stale cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not give off the harmful odour that tobacco cigarettes do.