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Tiger Coco Starter Kits

16th October 2020

Here at we have a number of different Tiger Coco Starter Kits to head you in the right direction. All our starter kits rate highly in both safety, quality and durability.

We have kits to suit all your needs and you can choose from our Micro or Super Tiger Coco Starter Kits.

There are 2 flavours for you to choose from Tobacco or Menthol. Additionally, you can choose different strengths, zero through to high.

Micro Kits

1 x rechargeable battery
2 x cartomisers (1 x high & 1 x medium)
1 x USB charger.

Click here for our Micro Kits

Super Kits

2 x rechargeable batteries
5 x cartomisers
USB charger
UK mains adaptor
User manual which takes you through the entire assembly process and maintenance.

Click here for our Super Kits

Our cartomisers come in 2 flavours, Menthol and Tobacco and in 4 different strengths Zero (0mg), Low (1.1mg), Medium (1.4mg) and High (1.8mg).

How long does an electronic cigarette cartomiser last?

This is dependent on the type of smoker you are but as an average, one electronic cigarette cartomiser lasts the equivalent of approximately 300 puffs. Based on a regular cigarette, which is roughly 10 puffs, these cartomisers last approximately 30 cigarettes. With the cost of these you can see how much cheaper it is to use the electronic cigarette rather than regular cigarettes.

All cartomisers offer a cartridge and disposable atomiser in one unit. This new generation of cartridge is combined with an atomiser, and removes the hassle of changing cartridges or fading atomisers. Once it is used you can replace with a new one and always enjoy a great vape experience. They offer an easy to use solution with great vapour production.

So start today for Stoptober 2020 and order your starter kits here.