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Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging

20th September 2012

Tobacco Companies Lose Fight for Plain Packaging.

Top companies in Australia lost a tough legal battle against a government ban.

The companies in question are big names like:

  • Firstly, Phillip Morris,
  • Secondly, British American Tobacco
  • and Imperial Tobacco
  • Also, they have been ordered by the Australian court to brand their cigarette packs with images of cigarette smoking victims.

These images on the packs will be explicit showing the extent of internal damage tobacco causes.

The purpose behind the idea is to make smokers see the damage they may be doing to their bodies and eventually discourage them from smoking.

The tobacco companies opposed this order:

  •  wanted to continue on their regular branding practices,
  • but the Australian court dismissed their appeal.

As per the new court order:

  • cigarette packs coming out from December 1 will have these images on them.
  • Australia’s Attorney General, Nicola Roxon has been quoted across the media saying,

“The message to the rest of the world is, ‘big tobacco can be taken on and beaten’. Without brave governments willing to take the fight up to big tobacco. They’d still have us believing that tobacco is neither harmful nor addictive.”

After this monumental decision being implemented by the highest court in Australia:

  • the European Union is also considering to follow suit by banning logos found on cigarette packs.
  • The Union has to review its 2001 Tobacco Products Directive in the near future
  • and is considering this ban in the continent.
  • The British government itself is all set to take a decision on plain packaging after it wrapped up a four-month consultation.

Do you think plain packaging will deter people from smoking? Vape on your e juice while you mull on it to get some great thoughts!