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What type of Vaper are you?

4th March 2014

Tobacco smokers tend to stick to the same brand and don't generally deviate however, electronic cigarette vapers are faced with much more of an array of choice and flavours to choose from.

We have seen a few types of vapers - so which one are you?

1) You have a few flavours, but stick to the same eliquid until that bottle is finished before opening another.

2) You've found a flavour you like and stick to the same one, day in and day out. You know what you like and like what you know. You are in the minority.

3) You have set flavours for certain times of the day. Maybe tobacco for the morning, and apple for the afternoon, through to chocolate in the evening.

4) You like to alternate between flavours all day, with a veritable collection of e liquids.

So are you a loyal flavour vaper or a flavour changer or somewhere in between?