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Vaping Accessories

5th May 2022

For all your vaping accessories will have what you need.


The E cigarette atomiser is the main functional part of your e cigarette.  With regular usage, the atomiser will deteriorate in performance and will need to be replaced.

The Super E Cigarette atomiser converts air and nicotine into vapours that come out of your electronic cigarette.
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Our batteries are available as either a replacement or as an extra e cig battery so that your e cigarette can always be used.
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We have 3 main chargers which means you can charge your e cig wherever you are.  Available are car chargers, USB chargers and UK Main USB power adapter.  We also have US & EU Mains USB power adapters.

Car chargers - all you need to do is plug in the car charger and connect to the e cigarette USB charger. Attach your e cig battery to it and before you know it your e cig will be ready to use.

USB Chargers - can be used to charge your e cig whilst you are working on your laptop or anywhere you have a USB charging connection.

Mains USB Power Adapter - this allows you to plug into any mains socket.  This is not a stand alone charger. It will require you to already have a USB e cig charger.
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Use the e cigarette case to protect your e cig whilst on the move. We have a range of styles that provide maximum protection for your e cig.
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