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Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

27th July 2012

Why Expecting Fathers Need to Switch to E cigarettes?

Getting the news confirmed that there is a baby on the way. It is a special moment for every couple.

The pregnant would be mum has to make several lifestyle changes almost immediately:

  • to ensure the proper and healthy development of her baby.
  • Giving up smoking is one of the things that the expectant mum has to do. It is also expected from the dad.

Fathers who continue smoking should be aware of the health risks that they are exposing their families to. This is because tobacco cigarettes’ smoke has more than 4000 harmful ingredients.

Inhaling these 4000 dangerous chemicals and more than three dozen carcinogens can be toxic for pregnant women and in turn their babies.

That is why expecting fathers or even those planning to start a family should switch to electronic cigarettes. They are an alternative to smoking.

They provide a similar physical and tangible satisfaction to that of traditional smoking. But do not produce any harmful smoke like regular cigarettes.

Even when the baby is born:

  • it will be really harmful for him/her to be exposed to cigarette smoke.
  • You will have to go out for a smoke every time.
  • Why not choose electronic cigarettes? You can smoke anywhere you want because they just release vaporised e liquid. UK based vapers do not have to worry about the harmful smoke that is released with a regular cigarette.