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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an E Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette is a revolutionary new product made with the most innovative technology. It has the same functions as a regular cigarette except it produces vapour from atomisation instead of smoke.

Q. Can I smoke my Electronic Cig in public spaces?

Your E Cigarette can in theory be smoked anywhere and anytime you want, however it is always advisable to ask for permission first! Unlike normal cigarettes, E Cigs do not contain any of the harmful substances. No actual smoke is involved in smoking an E Cig.
Hence, you can smoke E cigs even in places that have banned smoking!

Q. Usually I smoke strong cigarettes but sometimes I like smoking the milder variety. Do E Cig Cartridges come in varied strengths?

E Cig cartridges are available in many different strengths and flavours, catering to all your needs. E cigarette web, UK, offers:

  • High Nicotine Cigarettes
  • Medium Nicotine Cigarettes
  • Low Nicotine Cigarettes
  • No Nicotine Cigarettes

All of the above strengths are available in many enticing flavours including Tobacco, Marlboro and, Menthol.

Q. Can I carry my Electronic Cig around, or is it very cumbersome?

A. Your E Cig looks and feels just like the real thing. Of course the difference being that your E Cig can be smoked at your will!

Once you charge its battery, you can carry it wherever you would like to. Alternatively you can buy an E Cig Car charger and charge it on the go!

Q. What does my E Cig comprise of?

A fully loaded Electronic Cig comprises of: 1 e Cigarette battery, 1 e Cigarette atomiser and 1 e Cigarette cartridge. This all comes with the purchase of an E Cig starter kit which includes:

E Cigarette Batteries
E Cigarette Atomiser
E Cigarette Battery Charger
E Cigarette Power Cord
Assorted E Cigarette Cartridges
E Cigarette User Manual

Q. How long should I charge my battery for on the first charge?

A. Your E Cig battery should be charged for a minimum of 8-10 hours on the first charge.

After the initial charge each subsequent charge should take around 2-3 hours.

Q. Can I reuse my E cig?

Once your Electronic cig stops producing vapours, you can refill your E cig with a new cartridge. 

Each time you use your E cig, confirm that its battery is fully charged. Your E cig battery is charged with the help of Electronic cigarette charger. E cigarette web, UK, offers three different types of chargers catering to different needs and situations. The basic charger is the e cigarette mains charger. The USB charger can be used as you work on your computer. And if you happen to leave home without charging your e cigarette batteries, do not worry, e cigarette car charger is available for your rescue!

In due course, E cig's battery life will end and will need to be replaced. However extra batteries may be purchased to keep up the optimum utilisation of the E Cig.

Another part that lives out its life eventually is your E cig atomiser. The atomiser converts air and nicotine into vapours.  Hence, with regular use of your e cig, the atomiser will expire. And will need replacement for restoring the performance of your E cigarette. Replacement atomisers are available at E cigarette web, UK. Alternatively you may also purchase these in advance as spare atomisers so you're never caught short! 

Q. I hear that E Cigarettes can help me save money. Is it true?

One E Cig cartridge can substitute your consumption of around 6-12 normal cigarettes. This in turn can help you save almost 80% of your smoking costs!

Q. What is the life span of my E Cig?

The life of your E Cigarette will depend on the E Cig atomiser and the E Cig cartridge.

An E Cig atomiser will serve you a good while as these are manufactured to great detail. However due to regular wear and tear you will need to eventually replace it. A replacement atomiser can be bought from E Cigarette Web, UK. Alternatively it is always advisable to keep a spare atomiser.

An E cigarette cartridge lasts the equivalent of 6-12 regular cigarettes. This may vary according to your personal smoking habits.

Other factors such as, how well you maintain your E Cig will also contribute in determining the life of your E Cig. It is recommended that you clean it well to optimise its usage.

Q. How can I keep my E Cigarette clean?

The most effective method to clean your E Cig is 'Dry-Smoking'. If your atomiser gets over-loaded with E liquid, your E Cigs may not produce as much vapour as it is supposed to. Here the technique of dry smoking comes very handy.
All you need to do is detach the mouthpiece from your E Cigarette and remove the liquid container. Now replace the mouthpiece minus the liquid container. Take a couple of puffs. As soon as the vapours lessen, you can assume your job to be complete.

Q. Even with a new cartridge and battery, my E cig is not giving enough vapours, Why?

The thread on your electronic cigarette battery and atomiser are responsible for supplying the atomiser with power derived for the battery. If this power supply is interrupted, the atomiser will not perform. Hence you will have to make sure that power is always adequately supplied. For this you will need to keep this thread, which is the point of contact between the atomiser and the battery absolutely clean.

This can be done by rubbing the thread with a paper towel in the back and forth action. Threads on both the atomiser and the battery will have to be cleaned in the same fashion to ensure that their contact is perfectly clean.

Now with everything in place and your e cigarette battery fully charged, try using your e cig again to check if thorough cleaning is done.

Q. I have noticed E Liquid leaking through the mouthpiece, how do I stop this?

This problem can be down to a few different reasons.  More often than not this is down to either having insufficient charge in the e cig battery or ‘flooding’ the electronic cigarette atomiser.  If this is not down to the e cig battery, then it is necessary to clear the e cig atomiser.  This can be done using the following technique:

1.Take apart the e cigarette atomiser and remove any cartridge that may be attached so you just have the e cig atomiser on its own.

2.Whilst ensuring that you have a cloth or tissue underneath the e cigarette atomiser to catch any debris, blow into the end that you place the cartridge into (i.e. the opposite end to where the e cigarette battery attaches).  You will notice that any excess e liquid will come out the other side.

3.This needs to be repeated until no more e liquid or debris comes out of the e cigarette atomiser.  Now reconnect with the electronic cigarette battery and cartridge and this should have fixed the problem.

Q. Is Electronic cigarette safe for me?

The e cigarette liquid which produces the vapour contains a substance called propylene glycol (PG).  This is an organic compound with a faintly sweet, and colourless clear viscous liquid.  It is this liquid that, when inhaled and exhaled, produces a vapour similar to regular ‘smoke’.  This gives the electronic cigarette the same feel of smoking and combines with the nicotine to give the same ‘fix’.

This PG present in e cigarette liquid is found in many uses in day to day life including food colourings, toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics, hand sanitizers, smoke machines and more.

As electronic cigarettes are a new technology there is a lack of knowledge about the long-term effects of inhaling the Propylene Glycol in e cigarette liquid and as such to suggest e cigs are safe is not ‘legal’ until government bodies have been satisfied with clinical trials. 

It must be known that propylene glycol is used in tobacco cigarettes and is not known to be carcinogenic.  So there is a decision to make of continuing to smoke cigarettes with the 4000 known harmful chemicals and carcinogens, or to use electronic cigarettes containing food-grade PG.

Electronic cigarettes also contain nicotine, which although is not a known carcinogenic, is addictive and in the right quantity is a known poison.  As such e cigarettes are not intended for use by anyone under 18 years old, and it is also advisable to avoid use if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, weak immune system or nicotine allergy.