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E-cigs best for your health & budget

12th May 2016

E-cigs best for your health & budget?11

If your health and budget aren't the best reasons to give up smoking then I don't know what is. If you are in any doubt at all then do read on.

Especially according to a recent report by the BBC which has reported that an average smoker has a 10 year shorter lifespan, is 3 times a higher risk of having a stroke and they also confirmed that smoking causes 80% of lung cancer deaths.  They go onto say that there are 7000 chemicals in smoking of which many are toxic and 600,000 global deaths a year purely from passive smoking alone.

If this alone is not surprising then read on to see what's happening to your pocket to.

The 2016 Budget has a 2% inflation rise which results in a 21p rise in a packet of cigarettes, now making an average cost for a packet of cigarettes at just under £10!!   There is also a 3% increase in rolled tobacco making it a 37p rise in a packet of hand rolled tobacco.  The Government have stated that this is "our drive to improve public health".

Does this prove that E-cigarettes are healthier for your body and better for your pocket? Your choice but I am inclined to think it does.

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