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Changes to E-Cigarettes

23rd May 2016

From 20th May, there have been major changes to the E-cigarette industry.

These changes have come from the EU's, Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) who have introduced stricter regulations on the sale of E-cigarettes.

Changes to E-Cigarettes - how this will affect you?


  • Firstly, Only 10ml bottles of E-Liquid, from when our stocks run out.
  • Secondly, A maximum strength of 1.8% / 18mg,  once our 2.4% / 24mg stocks run out.
  • An E-cigarette that has 0ml will not need to be regulated and very little will change.
  • The majority of advertising will be banned.
  • There will be less products available to purchase.
  • No nicotine sales within the EU to other EU member states (nicotine free products are not affected).

Of course we will be continuing to offer most of our E-Cigarette products. We hope the changes as per the TPD legislation, will have minimal impact on our customers.

The main difference you will see is the reduction of strength in our super high range of cartomisers / liquid.  Due to vigorous testing on all E-cigarette products there will unavoidably be a slight increase in price to ensure that all products conform to the new regulations.


Tiger Coco Electronic Cigarette Kit


However, while stocks last it is business as usual. So make sure you buy your Ecigarette Cartomisers, E-LiquidsKits and Accessories before we make the necessary changes required by the new legislation.


All the best from