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Overall.. reports say switch to E-cigarettes

27th October 2016

E-cigarettes... despite conflicting stories, overall reports show e-cigarettes help smokers quit, there are no known serious side effects and doctors appear to be encouraging the switch to e-cigarettes.

There are so many conflicting news stories regarding e-cigarettes it is tricky to know which one's Tiger Coco E Cigarette Batteryto believe.  So do smokers switch to e-cigarettes?

Some views say that vaping is a risk to your health while other reports show it is better than smoking a cigarette.  So which is it and how do we make a sensible judgement and decision?

When you read all the reports available, it can be quite confusing, but it seems that the general outcome of most of the reports indicate:

  1. E-cigarettes with nicotine do help people quit smoking,
  2. There does not seem to be any serious side effects.
  3. Some cases have revealed that changing to e-cigarettes have shown changes in users blood and breathing which are similar to one's you would see in people who have given up smoking.
  4. Doctors and physicians in the Smoking Services are recommending stopping smoking and switching to e-cigarettes.

So alongside the government cuts to Stop Smoking Services, it does seem to make more sense to use the E-cigarette, as undoubtedly reports show that vaping is much safer and better for you than smoking.

Good Luck with the switch.

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