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PHE advise companies E-cig users should have own room

13th October 2016

PHE advise companies E-cig users should have own room

E-cig users should have extra breaks to...bottle-with-lid-on-floor-500x500_5

The Public Health England (PHE) who are the government watchdog, are advising companies:

  • that they should set aside a room to allow those who want to vape to do so away from the cigarette smokers.
  • Bosses have also been told to allow E-cig users extra breaks to vape.

It stated that workers should have their own space. They don't have to vape with smokers which may "undermine their ability to quit smoking" says PHE.

Also, to "maximise the number of smokers switching to e-cigarettes, vaping should be made a more convenient, as well as safer, option".

E-cigarettes give a smaller nicotine hit than normal cigarettes. This is the reason why the report is urging companies to allow the users to go out more often.

This guidance is in place:

  • to help E-cig users give up smoking cigarettes
  • which is much more harmful to them.

Interestingly, PHE has also told companies "to avoid confusion, do not use smoking terminology".

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