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A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

20th August 2012

Ever since electronic cigarettes have come in to the picture. They have been followed by innumerable debates on their ‘health benefits.

Some manufacturers across the UK pitch e-cig as a healthy choice for smokers. We have always strived to offer high quality e-cigs. The best alternative to traditional cigarettes with a great choice of e liquid flavours.

A Strong E-cig Ruling in the Offing for UK?

Well, coming back to the e cig regulation we may soon see this taking shape as hinted by a report in The Sun. The report said that presently 2 million people in the United Kingdom have given electronic cigarettes a shot.

And more than 1% of the total UK population consists of regular vapers. This means around 650,000 Britons smoke e-cigs on a regular basis. And the revelation of these figures has caused the Health Minister Simon Burns to look into the health concerns associated by E-cigs because they claim some have been “found to pose a potential danger”. The fact that tobacco cigarettes are given the ‘green light’ when they have been proven to be extremely harmful is a point to note.

The MHRA has been quoted as saying “It’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes as a ‘quit smoking’ aid unless they’re licensed as a medicine.” The Shadow health minister Diane Abbott has however, made a statement in support of e cigs by saying that electronic cigarettes can be a big help for UK’s smokers but are being “held back by a lack of scientific research” on their functioning.

What do you think? Are E cigarettes being held back? Drop in your views in the comments below.