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Could Apple be branching out into the e-cig industry?

23rd March 2017

Could Apple be branching out into the e-cigarette industry? Everybody asking this question recently.

It would appear that Apple could be branching out from the traditional products such as iPhones and iPads and into the e-cigarette industry. It is latest news. Everybody are talking about it.

Recent patent seems to indicate. It is very exciting news. All e-cigarette smokers are electrifying. The idea is very appealling and inspiring.

Apple could be adding to their already extensive range of more traditional products.

They maybe increasing their portfolio of:

  • Firstly, iPhones
  • Secondly, iPads
  • and into the e-cigarette industry.

Apple apparently filed the patent in June last year. The US Patent and Trademark Office have recently released the patent.

There seems to be some secrecy surrounding the patent.

Very few facts and figures have been given about the patent.   What has been confirmed is that the patent is for a “substance that is to be vaporized or sublimated into a vapor".  It goes on further to say "at high temperatures".

Whilst the words “electronic cigarettes” have not been mentioned the description does sound  like a patent for e-cigarettes.

Patent could be for something totally different. However, it does give the impression that this could be the route Apple are going down. It is very inspiring.

And why not?

In an ever growing popular market it seems feasible that Apple wouldn’t be too far behind. Also, company would want to get involved in the developing rising e-cigarette industry.