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Do You Spend the Day Thinking Up Excuses for a Cigarette Break?

17th July 2012

One in every three workers is said to be not doing their job. They are not thinking of a business strategy, but of an excuse to go out and grab a smoke.

The HR guys notice everything don’t they!

A recent study by the Cooperative Pharmacy revealed that following the ban on smoking in workplaces - a third of smokers spend half the day thinking of excuses to get out of the office and grab a smoke. The survey was conducted among over two thousand workers in the UK engaged in a wide range of professions. The inclination of making excuses to smoke was seen in everyone from office workers, teachers, construction workers to health professionals.

If one in three workers is spending their day dreaming up excuses, imagine what their productivity graph would look like. Respondents blamed stress for wanting to take a cigarette break - and this desire then extended to ‘wanting a break’ from work itself.

The time spent on these cigarette breaks all through the day amounted to three quarters of an hour if the respondents took an average of 7 cigarette breaks with each break lasting around 6 minutes. However, with smokeless cigarettes you don’t have to come up with an excuse to smoke! A smokeless Ecig is the perfect alternative to regular cigarette - you will get the satisfaction of smoking without having to stop and be forced outside. Vape wherever you want, however you want!