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E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

18th July 2012

E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide.

A report in Scotland on Sunday has brought to light once again the rapid and continual growth of the electronic cigarette market.

E cig manufacturers and retailers have plans of expansion of their products and services to cater to the growing demand.

Unofficial figures claim a growth of nearly 1000% over the last 12 months!

The newspaper reported that the e cig industry in Scotland is expected to reach a highly impressive sales figure of some £250 million by 2014!

The vaping scenario in the whole of the United Kingdom is also seeing rapid expansion. The UK electronic cigarette industry at Q1 2011 has been estimated to be worth about £5m to £10m a year. Business is good with a high number of kits. Also, refills and accessories are sold regularly.

In fact, in the UK, some firms have declared annual earnings of over £1m in 2011.

What’s more the smart smoking devices are steadily finding new markets. Also, they have moved beyond Europe and United States:

  • to reach Asia, South America and the Middle East.

E-cig Sales Gaining Momentum Worldwide

Industry experts believe that presently:

  • there are more than 250,000 regular vapers in the UK
  • and the number of vapestick users in the United States is reaching close to the one million mark.
  • People are no longer intrigued by the product, rather hugely impressed by it.
  • The fact that people can smoke anywhere they want and try a number of flavours as well, has made electronic cigarettes quite popular in a short time.

Steady and continued growth is expected in the e cigarette market. Manufacturers are working on producing the best e cigarettes yet. They are finding ways to enhance the product and provide a better user experience.

Intense competition among e cig producers has led to:

  • users being offered the vaping experience at increasingly competitive prices.
  • The future is promising for industry and the vapers can look forward to a richer experience.