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E-cigarette – license for use under NHS

10th March 2016

E-cigarette - license for use under NHS. It is interesting subject.

Ecigarette - Green Light

UK regulators have given the “all clear”.

  • Firstly, It allows the British American Tobacco e-cigarette to help people give up smoking.
  • Also, E-cigarette has been given a license to be sold as a tool to quit smoking in the UK.

It can be given as prescription. This license was apparently approved in the last month or so.

Government Endorsement

The UK government’s public health agency has confirmed:

"electronic cigarettes are at least 95% safer"

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency:

  • have  want to encourage electronic cigarette companies to submit license for e-cigarettes.
  • also,  They hoped to see more e-cigarettes applications going forward.

Existing designs are safe if used correctly. Also, they are effective in helping smokers. The dangers discussed in the Daily Express are based on long puffs. It cause the wick and excessively high voltages.

There are more positive signs ahead for the e-cigarette.

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