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Category: Discussion

Last Posting Dates Christmas 2019

Last Posting Dates for Christmas 2019

21st November 2019
For UK 1st Class & Recorded parcels: The last posting dates for Christmas will be Friday 20th December 2019. Please ensure that your orders are in the day before, Thursday 19th December. We will then ensure despatch by Friday 20th December.
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Tiger Coco E Liquid

Which E-Liquid Nicotine Level to Choose?

26th April 2018
Which e-liquid nicotine level to choose? For people looking to replace smoking with vaping, nicotine levels need to do a couple of things: Deciding which e-liquid nicotine level to choose can be a little overwhelming. So here are a few helpful tips
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E-cigarette – license for use under NHS

10th March 2016
E-cigarette – license for use under NHS. It is interesting subject. Ecigarette – Green Light UK regulators have given the “all clear”. Firstly, It allows the British American Tobacco e-cigarette to help people give up smoking. Also, E-cigarette has been given
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Positive E-Cig Studies

3rd December 2015
Obviously, the final proof is not in yet, and this does not constitute medical advice, but there are some papers now showing advantages of e-cigarettes over smoking tobacco. Here is a selection of positive e-cig studies for your interest; E-cigarettes are
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eCig Promote

Royal Society Says Promote E-Cigs

24th August 2015
The Royal Society for Public Health has done what was the unthinkable amongst Public Health bodies and actually backed ecigarettes as an alternative to smoking, saying that public health professionals should embrace and promote this option. Yes, promote ecigs as an
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Ecigarettes Not a Gateway

18th August 2015
According to results on English Ecig users, Ecigarettes got a clean bill of health, at least in terms of the theory that they could encourage our youth into smoking conventional cigarettes. No evidence could be found in the sample of young
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Vaping numbers are Growing Fast in UK

28th May 2015
We’ve heard that e-cigarettes are in decline or that the number of users has plateaued following negative media alleging that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. The truth is that vaping numbers are still growing fast in the UK, largely made up
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Ecigarettes – not a gateway in, and they might be the gateway out

1st May 2015
This excellent magazine has a number of intelligent articles on e-cigarettes, an absolute breath of fresh air! Ecigarettes – not a gateway in, and they might be the gateway out “If anything, these data suggest that e-cigarettes are replacing the
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The Chemicals of Addiction

15th April 2015
So we all know that nicotine is addictive. But what is not so well known is that research has discovered that many other chemicals can increase addictiveness of a given compound, and that by itself, nicotine is roughly as addictive as
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Hon Lik E Cigarette Inventor

The Story of E-Cigarettes

6th April 2015
E-Cigarettes in their modern guise were invented by a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik, a graduate of Liaoning College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The reasons why he wanted to invent this device are extremely interesting to know, and it’s a tale
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