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Positive E-Cig Studies

3rd December 2015

Obviously, the final proof is not in yet, and this does not constitute medical advice, but there are some papers now showing advantages of e-cigarettes over smoking tobacco. Here is a selection of positive e-cig studies for your interest;

  • E-cigarettes are up to 450 times less toxic than tobacco smoke
    a study by the British Medical Journal has proved that second hand inhalation of vapour has no potential risk to a non-user.
  • E-cigarette vapour and inhalation is nearly the same as breathing in air in your front room
    scientists recently confirmed that there are virtually the same toxins in the e-cig as there is in a room inside your home. They also noted that tobacco produces over 1,500 more carcinogenic compounds than e-cig vapour.

  • There are more potential risks of poisoning for children in the home than from E-cigs
    The American Association of Poison Control Centers has shown in a report that children are more likely to have toxin exposure and /or poisoning through household products such as bleach etc than they would from e-cig vapour.
  • E-cigarettes have helped smokers to stop
    Action for Smoking & Health have mentioned that e-cigs are both safe and a good alternative to smoking tobacco. Also confirming that changing from tobacco to e-cigs have helped people to stop smoking.
  • Government studies agree that E-Cigs help people to stop smoking
    The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America, have published a report confirming that e-cigs are the greatest improvement in lowering smoking-related deaths and illnesses associated with smoking in over 10 years.

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