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Are E-Cig Users Ex-Smokers?

4th November 2015

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There has been some discussion as to whether the e-cig is now being used by people that have never smoked a cigarette.

However, a new study shows that 48% of smokers said they have tried e-cigs and those who have recently stopped smoking, more than 55%, have done so by using e-cigs.

There is a report from the American Vaping Association (AVA) showing that hardly any non-smokers use e-cigarettes and they are mainly being used by current and ex-smokers. There is some data that shows young non-smokers using e-cigs but the AVA believe that the data shows young non-smokers trying out the e-cigs but not becoming addicted so they try it out.

The NPR – Truven Health Poll shows wide support from the public for regulation of e-cigs by the Food and Drug Administration.

In the poll it showed the main reason for people trying e-cigs was to help them give up smoking, other reasons high on the poll was replacing a tobacco product, healthier alternative to tobacco, recommendation from friends and family, ability to use in smoke free areas and eliminate secondhand smoke from others.

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