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E-Cig Debate Continues to Rage but UK Gov Embraces

28th October 2015

This is quite surprising to read on a government website, but it is very welcome to the many people who have used an e-cig to help themselves give up smoking.

UK - Gov states that Ecigs can be quit aids and at least 95% Safer

They also seem to point out that the alarmist reports in the media have been counterproductive and created a misleading impression when they state;

  • nearly half the population (44.8%) don’t realise e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking

They also pointed out that hardly anybody has taken up e-cigs who were never previous smokers, allaying the fear that e-cigs are a gateway drug.

But it's not all good news, in spite of these expert-recommended reviews. Policy makers, particularly in Wales, are continuing to push strong restrictions on indoor e-cigarette use.