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Royal Society Says Promote E-Cigs

24th August 2015

The Royal Society for Public Health has done what was the unthinkable amongst Public Health bodies and actually backed ecigarettes as an alternative to smoking, saying that public health professionals should embrace and promote this option. Yes, promote ecigs as an alternative.

This is a momentous sea-change in the political landscape. Part of the recommendations they have made are that we need a campaign to separate out the concept of addiction to nicotine and the pollutants in cigarettes like tar and heavy metals, and to promote nicotine-only e-cigarettes as an alternative.

This marks a great moment within our Health System, and it seems to stem from a gradual realisation that e-cigarettes are not only much safer, but also pretty effective quit-aids.

In the article by The Guardian, one very interesting point was made that we have written on before - scientists are concluding that nicotine is actually not very addictive by itself, and this view is making its way up into senior, respected health policy institutions.