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Vaping numbers are Growing Fast in UK

28th May 2015

We've heard that e-cigarettes are in decline or that the number of users has plateaued following negative media alleging that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. The truth is that vaping numbers are still growing fast in the UK, largely made up of ex-smokers. An estimate from ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) has it that there was 2.1 million vapers in 2014, and in 2015 this figure has already increased by half a million to 2.6 million!

Vaping numbers are Growing Fast in UK

In spite of the evidence being increasingly clear that vaping is a great deal safer than smoking, the press has still managed to peddle alarmist stories based on the flimsiest of argument, and to no surprise, this has effected the general public's perception of e-cigarettes far more than that of vapers. As a result the percentage of non-vapers that perceive e-cigarettes to be as dangerous as smoking has increased. Chances are growing then, that you may encounter an angry response from a miss-informed person if you vape in public. I say then, leave people with no reason to hate your activity, by being as considerate as possible. Try to be polite to people by not blowing excessive show-off clouds of vapour or around children and maybe some friction can be avoided.