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Latest on Dry Puff and Aldehydes

27th May 2015

Latest on Dry Puff and Aldehydes

Today we have Latest news on Dry Puff and Aldehydes

Firstly A new published study by Dr Farsilanos has been published in the journal Addiction. He clarifying the situation on 'aldehydes' being generated by e-cigarettes. He is reassuring for vapers using high powered types of e-cigarette especially - see here.

Firstly, The main finding is that aldehydes are produced at much lower levels than in cigarettes, and only in significant levels when the coil 'runs dry'. This can be caused by a prolonged heating period, too little time between puffs, and primarily these conditions are most likely to occur when the power level is higher, around 10 watts. This is because vapor is generated faster and so the coil can run out of liquid to evaporate, becoming dry. It refills gradually from the wick. Once it is getting dry, it heats up a lot more and this generates the aldehydes.

Finally, This situation is easily tasted and felt, and it is easily avoided!