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E Cigarettes are More Environment Friendly than Regular Cigarettes

5th July 2012

E Cigarettes are More Environment Friendly than Regular Cigarettes.

A couple of months back, National Geographic:

  • came out with an article which highlighted another benefit of becoming a vaper and leaving smoking behind.
  • The article states how the environment is suffering because of the cigarette butts people throw away.
  • It is quite a common practice for cigarette smokers to throw the cigarette butts out the windows of their cars. These butts pose a major environmental risk, as highlighted by National Geographic.

Did you know that it takes somewhere between one and a half years to a decade for the core of a cigarette butt to completely decompose?

This time duration is not as long as it takes other toxins like plastic to decompose. Also, it is long enough to lead to serious damage. You may say that it is just a cigarette butt. However the damage is exponential when millions of cigarette butts are thrown away every day.

The National Geographic mentioned E Cigarettes as having the potential to “reduce this toxic burden”.

As you vapers already know, with an ecig, you do not need an ashtray. There is no ash or cigarettes butt to dispose of.

E Cigarettes are reusable and all you need to do is:

  • fill the cartridge up with e-juice for a new smoking session.
  • Moreover, the trash produced by bottles of e-juice and other components of electronic cigarettes is recyclable. Therefore does not harm the environment in the same way.

This article by Nat Geo is not in favour of e cigs, but does show how regular cigarettes are causing pollution. That is why online e cig companies have welcomed the article.

E cigs are truly a great alternative of smoking. Also, one can get a fresh smoking experience by changing the flavour of their eliquid. It is time you switched to vaping!