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The History of Electronic Cigarettes

10th July 2012

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

E cigarettes have been in the UK for more than half a decade now.

With increasingly high number of Britons taking up vaping:

  • there remains no doubt on the effectiveness of e cigs as alternative to traditional cigarettes.
  • While you sample the latest cola flavoured e liquid in your vapestick. Do you ever wonder where did these neat little sticks come from?

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

Firstly, the history of electronic cigarettes is marked with some debate, quite like most historical issues. So, some people believe that ecig was first patented in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert.

Also, It is important to note here that Gilbert did not invent a vapour producing cigarette. The e cig that we know and love was patented by Hon Lik in 2003.

The inspiration to invent the e cig came to Hon Lik in a dream. Hon was a heavy smoker and suffered from respiratory infection. Also, During a bout of sickness, he somehow managed to catch some sleep and dreamt that he was drowning in a deep sea and was nearly dead. Then he saw the sea water being vaporised and he found himself in a wonderland full of colourful fog.

This dream sequence involving vapours inspired Hon to think of a way to get the ‘smoke’ out of smoking a cigarette. For a year Hon worked on perfecting his dream product and in 2004, he invented the electronic cigarette.

The invention was a compact battery powered device which vaporized a nicotine solution with an atomiser.

Thanks to Hon Lik, we now have e cigs which give the same fulfilment as regular smoking with the e liquid turning in to vapour.

E cigs allow for smart smoking and people can vape on newer flavours of e liquid. UK is seeing a rapid growth in the number of vapers- all looking for a refreshing smoking experience.