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E-Liquid & Cartomiser Discounts

10th November 2016

E-Liquid & Cartomiser Discounts

We have a special offer this month of 15% discount on all our Super High 24mg E-Liquids. Also, 10% discount on all our Super High 2.4 Cartomisers.

E-Liquid & Cartomiser DiscountsE liquid is the nicotine containing liquid used to refill cartridges. It is also called e juice.

It comes in various exciting flavours like:

  • Tobacco,
  • Menthol,
  • American Blend,
  • Tobacco, Gold & Silver,
  • Cola, Vanilla,
  • Apple
  • and Chocolate to name a few.

We have searched far and wide in order to provide the best E Liquid...try it. You will not be disappointed!

All our E Liquid comes fully with child proof caps and integrated droppers.

Also, enjoy our range of cartomisers for your electronic cigarette.

E Cigarette cartomisers are:

  • a cartridge and atomiser in one and are available for all of our models.
  • This new type of cartridge combined with a disposable atomiser is a practical alternative to cartridges and atomisers.
  • Each cartomiser lasts around 300 puffs.
  • Also, when finished you just replace with a fresh one and avoid having to refill or use another cartridge.

To order your E-Liquids click here and remember to quote discount code NOV30LIQUID.

To order your Cartomisers click here and remember to quote discount code NOV30SH .