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Reminder of the new E-Cigarette rules

24th November 2016

Here's a reminder of the new E-Cigarette rules.Tiger Coco E Cigarette Battery

As I am sure you are all aware:

  • the new E-cigarette rules are now in place.
  • You may remember our previous blog earlier in the year?  If not, click here

The new E-Cigarette rules have been implemented by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The Directive is based on the proposal by the European Commission and is implemented across all E-Cigarette trade.

In short, here are the main changes that will affect you.

  • Only 10ml bottles of E-Liquid, when our stocks run out.
  • A maximum strength of 1.8% / 18mg,  once our 2.4% / 24mg stocks run out.
  • An E-cigarette that has 0ml will not need to be regulated and very little will change.
  • There will be less products available to purchase.

Of course we will be continuing to offer most of our E-Cigarette products and hope the changes as per the TPD legislation, will have minimal impact on all our customers.  The main difference you will see is the reduction of strength in our super high range of cartomisers and e-liquid.

We have limited stock left of our super high range for both cartomisers and e-liquid.  So, please be quick in ordering ensuring you quote the special discount codes below.

For E-Liquid, ensure you quote NOV30LIQUID at checkout - click here

For Cartomisers, ensure you quote NOV30SH at checkout - click here