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This month’s CLEARANCE – while stocks last

30th November 2016

This month's clearance, while stocks last.

On our Super High Cartomisers, Super High E-Liquids and our Super & Micro Kits.

For 10% off our Super High 2.4 Cartomisers click here
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For 15% off our Super High 24mg E-Liquids click here
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The above offer is valid until 31st December 2016.

Here at E Cigarette Web we bring the smartest tobacco alternative for you.

This electronic alternative to tobacco cigarettes gives you:

  • a satisfying method to smoke
  • or ‘vape’ like a traditional cigarette
  • also, avoid the problems associated with tobacco smoking.
  • We provide you with a stylish and affordable range of tobacco free Electronic Cigarettes.
  • They offer you nicotine without the tar, carbon monoxide or clawing odour of cigarettes. Also, they are up to 80% cheaper.

Also, we provide a cost effective range of electronic cigarettes (or E Cigarettes).

They produce:

  • firstly, no ‘smoke’,
  • secondly, contain no tar,
  • also, tobacco,
  • carbon monoxide,
  • and other harmful substances,
  • and are safe and legal to smoke virtually everywhere,
  • including places tobacco cigarettes have been banned.

Also, The electric cigarette won’t bore you with regular consumption.